about niko/rain(y) he + any neos enby genderfluid dyke mixed b/w 17 taken nd dyslexia

likes my gf girls cats spicy foods true crime paranormal dramas anime rain/storms genshin

dislikes men math clowns crowds loud people hets jaime

notes 1. im hyperfixate on vminkook & making carrds. 2. use different prns on me 3. she/her prns if bffs

main crd acc 2nd crd acc whi
byr okay to request with priv or main. i use to have a main under the same user, i talk about what i want, dont follow me if you solo stan or anti anyone from BTS. idc if you solo stan or anti from other groups. no they/them. you can message me whenever you have a question about a carrd idm. u need a carrd to req to follow me (unless i fllw first)

dnr -14 21+ support nct. dont have any groups in common with me. ure only a nctzen or blink. dont support they/them + he/him les, neos, xeogenders etc. bg stan.
kpop bts loona twice fromis_9 rv izone aespa iu taeyeon stayc

western blackbear zendaya madison beer ariana grande megan thee stallion chloexhalle

ults of ults bts vminkook izone yuri wonyoung fromis jisun jiwon hayoung loona chuu yeojin jinsoul

ults iu taeyeon

semi ults twice chae dahyun nayeon

regulars rv sooyoung aespa ningning stayc yoon